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NAVTF2000 Navigation Precision Time Frequency Standard

NAVTF2000 Navigation Precision Time Frequency Standard

? ? ? ? ?NAVTF2000 navigation precision time-frequency standard adopts backplane, modular design and built-in ultra-high stable constant temperature crystal oscillator. It can support high-precision GPS and Beidou 2nd generation dual-mode as the timing reference, optimize the external reference frequency source signal, improve the short-term stability and phase noise performance indicators, and output customized signals such as 1~400MHz, PPS, IRIG code and NTP.

? ? ? ? ?Modular design makes it convenient for users to expand and upgrade services and reduce maintenance costs.

? ? ? ? ?Multi-tracking architecture, while supporting GPS, Beidou, GLONASS and other satellite signals and standard frequency reference input to ensure the normal operation of the system.

? ? ? ? ?Built-in ultra-high stability OCXO, optimized external reference source indicators.

? ? ? ? ?Can be customized to output ultra-low phase noise 1~400MHz signal (currently available: 5MHz, 10MHz, 10.23MHz and 100MHz, etc.).

? ? ? ? ?Each single board can support 8 channels of frequency or timing output, with a total of up to 64 channels of output.

The main function:

    • 支持GPS,GLONASS&北斗2
    • 锁相净化铯钟源
    • 可定制不同频点,超低相噪输出
    • 定时精度20ns
    • 多路输入频标,无缝切换
    • 插箱式模块化,双电源设计
    • 支持输出:1~400MHz、1PPS、IRIG-B、NTP