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RCV2000 Common View Comparison Receiver

????????The RCV2000 GNSS common-view server can receive signals from GPS, BDS and other satellite systems. It uses the satellite common-view method, that is, under the perspective of a GNSS satellite, using the GNSS satellite clock as a public reference, and the two laboratories far apart simultaneously Observe the same satellite and use the satellite clock as an intermediate variable to indirectly determine the relative time deviation between the two laboratories. This method can eliminate the influence of satellite clock errors and reduce the influence of satellite orbit errors, ionosphere and troposphere.
????????In order to facilitate the user to manage the equipment, the RCV2000 GNSS common view server provides a friendly interface display and control.

The main function:

* 支持 L-BAND,可接收中国精度星基增强服务,单机可实现厘米级定位精度;
* 支持 GPS,BDS 卫星导航信号多频点BDS B1/B2/B3;GPS L1CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5;
* 输出 CGGTTS V2E;
* 本地缓存最近10 小时的RINEX(obs、nav)以及二进制记录,可通过 FTP工具实时抓取全部数据到客户端;
* 输出共视比测结果(csv 格式,每天一个数据文件,每 16 分钟一个数据);
* 支持 10MHz 、PPS 输入;
* 支持 PPS 输入测量及时延补偿;
* Web 界面管理、方便比测结果观察, 支持记录回放;
* 共视数据的存储、传输( FTP );