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LIP Cs-3000 Cesium Atomic Clock

???LIP Cs-3000 Cesium Atomic Clock

? ?The Cesium Atomic Frequency Standard (Cesium Atomic Clock) is a device that outputs high-accuracy and high-stability frequency signals. It belongs to the first-class frequency standard. It is the core device for satellite navigation, timekeeping, timing and time/frequency measurement. It is called "The patron saint of national time and frequency."

? ? ?LIP Cs-3000 is a small cesium atomic clock with high-performance magnetic state separation. It has the acteristics of high accuracy, good long-term stability, low drift rate and high reliability. It is suitable for satellite navigation, ground punctuality, time and frequency measurement verification and other fields, as well as time synonization networks in communications, transportation, and power industries.

The main function:

1)?? 超高精度,频率准确度 5.0E-13

2)?? 优良的长期稳定度,标准型5.0E-14,高性能型1.0E-145天及以上取样时间);

3)?? 环境特性表现优异,具有较宽的温度适应范围,较低的温度敏感度和磁敏感度(综合各项环境影响),适用于车载等多种平台(加固选项);

4)?? 热启动不超过30分钟,频率精度可达5E-13

5)?? 自动同步于1PPS信号;

6)?? 通过后面板可输出多种类型的时间和频率信号;

7)?? 配套上位机监控软件,支持远程监控及故障报警;

8)?? 前面板5.7英寸屏幕实时显示看各个主要部件运行参数;

9)?? 开机自动启动及锁定;

10) 具备输出频率微调功能;

11) 支持ACDC输入。